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Welcome to the world of Zenzen Wines
Our brands are Peter Brum, E-Z, Dr. Zenzen and True Love. Quality, value and consistency will always take priority at Zenzen Wines.

The Zenzen family dates its involvement in the wine business back to the Roman times, and it is officially documented dating back to 1636.  In 1939, the Einig-Zenzen company was founded by Jacob Einig and his son-in-law Peter Josef Zenzen.  Today our company remains family owned and is managed by the founder’s descendant Dr. Peter Zenzen and his wife Regina Zenzen out of their headquarters in Kaisersesch, Germany.

Einig-Zenzen produces wines from 200 different wine-growing regions around the world, focused on local varietals from their native country, and has an annual production of 3.2 million cases.  Currently, we export to 50 different countries around the world.

Our Brands

  • Peter Brum
    The company's flagship brand in the United States packaged in unique red and blue bottles.
  • EZ
    The EZ line is a play on the first letters of the founder's name Einig- Zenzen and stands for eazy drinking value driven wines.
  • Dr ZenZen
    The brand includes the Estate bottled wines, the Elite wines and a variety of specialty dessert wines.
  • True Love
    The True Love Brand enhances the bond between pet parents and their passion for wine.

Future Visions
Having established our new founded partnership with Vision Wine and Spirits, ZenZen
Wines is now poised to take its USA business to a national platform.

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