The Balance of Flavors

Our Changing Menu

    What we eat and how our food is prepared have changed considerably in recent years. Demand for fresh, seasonal and specialty products and ingredients has never been higher. Health conscious diners are eating lighter foods and seeking out better prepared, more nutritious and more flavorful dishes.

     Through travel, media exposure and personal experience, we have become much more aware both of other cuisines and of the wealth of ingredients and exotic preparations now available to us in the global pantry.

     Many products which were considered new several years ago already have been integrated into what we eat today. Salsa, for example, outsells catsup in the USA, where it may be served with everything from tortilla chips to broiled salmon.

     As our daily menu becomes more varied and eclectic, the wine selection process becomes more challenging. Which types of wines go best with specific foods and preparations? What about sauces, herbs, spices and seasonings?

     This booklet provides you with answers to these questions and introduces you to some of the most accommodating mealtime wines produced anywhere, German wines.


German Wines: Versatile Wines With Today's Menus

     Germany produces a wide range of white, rose and red wines. Because they are generally lighter, crisper, and more fragrant than most other wines, German wines are often perfectly suited to today's lighter, more flavorful fare.

What makes German wines so versatile?

     Germany is a northern European wine country, whose cool climate and long growing season yields wines with refreshing crispness, elegant flavors, and moderate alcohol content {averaging 8% to 11 %, compared with 12% to 13% for wines from most other countries}.      The moderate alcohol content of German wines means fewer total calories per glass and an appealing drinkableness, which makes them less tiring than fuller bodied wines. At the table, this natural lightness, combined with the wine's underlying crispness, allows German wines to pair easily with a broad range of foods. And the elegant fruitiness of German wines marries readily with robust-and refined-dishes of all types.

The only question is, which wines go with which food?

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